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Discover the transformative power of aging in place home modifications – a journey toward enhanced safety, comfort, and accessibility. Our guide takes you through every corner of your home, revealing expert tips and insights that make your space age-friendly.

Section 1: Welcoming Entryways and Living Spaces

  • Seamlessness in Accessibility: Elevate your entryway with no-step entries, creating an inviting path.
  • Room Unveiled: Pocket doors open up space, keeping mobility effortless and your design chic.
  • Elevated Freedom: Electric stair lifts bring back the joy of moving up and down your home.
  • Elevate Lifestyle: Elevators unlock both convenience and the value of your cherished space.
  • Pathways to Possibility: Widen doorways and hallways for wheelchairs and walkers, unveiling limitless movement.
  • Ground Floor Bliss: Shift essentials to the first floor, celebrating accessibility without compromise.
  • Illuminated Brilliance: Light up your home with LED’s longevity and radiance, reflecting your vibrant life.
  • Design for All: Infuse universal design principles, uniting beauty and accessibility.

Section 2: Embracing Bedroom and Exterior Bliss

  • Sleep Empowerment: Choose adjustable or hospital beds, redefining nighttime comfort.
  • Pathways to Adventure: Trimmed, even exterior walkways greet your outdoor escape.
  • Grasp the Day: Lever-style door knobs open doors to boundless mobility.
  • Flooring Elegance: Achieve seamless transitions with consistent flooring, a triumph against tripping.
  • Radiant Pathways: Brighter lighting reignites every corner, respecting the rhythm of your life.
  • Ramp the Freedom: Entrances come alive with ramps, beckoning wheelchair users and adventurers.
  • Swift Reach: Every room becomes your connection hub with accessible phones.

Section 3: Elevating Bathroom Bliss

  • Open Waters: Walk-in showers remove barriers, inviting relaxation without compromise.
  • Supportive Rhythms: Grab bars dance across showers and baths, guarding every step.
  • Serenity Unveiled: Walk-in tubs whisk you away to soothing moments of ease.
  • Throne of Comfort: Raised toilet seats set a royal tone of dignity and simplicity.
  • Open Elegance: Shelves embrace your essentials, offering the joy of easy access.
  • Bathing Serenade: Shower chairs perform harmoniously in your safety ensemble.
  • Wheels of Serenity: Wheelchair-ready bathrooms embrace your every need, celebrating inclusivity.
  • Graceful Footprints: Non-slip flooring invites graceful movement in the bathroom.
  • Flowing Elegance: Handheld shower heads let you bathe your way, seated or standing.

Section 4: Elevating Kitchen Bliss

  • Effortless Secrets: Drawers rule the kingdom, offering access without a bend.
  • Flame of Freedom: Stoves step forward with front controls, honoring your ease.
  • Beneath Your Feet: Forgiving flooring options emerge, a tribute to resilience.
  • Rise to Flavor: Major appliances embrace your reach, sweeping away bending.
  • Sink Serenity: Lowered sinks greet your touch, painting a canvas of accessibility.
Welcome to the world of aging in place home modifications.
From entryways to kitchens, every element dances to the rhythm of your life.
Unveil your home’s full potential with the insights and expertise of Mr Home Guy. We can help you determine what needs to be done. The work that we can’t do ourselves, we will help you find an experienced tradesman to do the work for you. 

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