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Making Your TV Look Neat: A Guide to Cable Management

Mounting your TV on the wall not only saves space but enhances your viewing experience. However, cable management is often overlooked. This blog emphasizes the importance of proper cable management, addressing common concerns related to hiding power cables behind walls.

Why Cable Management Matters

Proper cable management is vital for an organized home theater setup. Messy cables can be tripping hazards and make troubleshooting difficult. Well-organized cables promote safety and prevent accidents or damage caused by loose, tangled wires.

Concerns About Hiding Power Cables

Hiding power cables behind walls is a popular choice for a clean look, but concerns about fire hazards and using extension cords need clarification. Extension cords are not safe for in-wall use and can pose fire risks.

Choosing the Right Cable

Understanding power cables versus extension cords is crucial. Power cables are designed for in-wall use, ensuring safety and insulation. Extension cords lack this insulation and shouldn’t be concealed within walls.

Safety Measures

Safety is paramount when considering in-wall wiring. Adhering to local building codes and regulations, proper cable gauge, and using the right tools are crucial for a safe installation.

Risks of Hiding Cables

Improperly hidden cables can lead to overheating, insulation damage, and increased risk of electrical short circuits, which can cause fires. Safety should always be a priority.

Alternatives to Hiding Cables

If hiding cables behind walls isn’t feasible, there are alternatives like cable raceways, conduits, and cord covers to achieve a clean look without compromising safety.

Professional Installation

Hiring a professional electrician for outlet installation behind the TV ensures safety and compliance with local building codes. Their expertise is invaluable for a secure and aesthetically pleasing setup.

At Mr Home Guy, our tv mounting service includes a white cord cover to make sure that everything looks neat and clean. However, if you do want the electrical behind the wall, there is an upgrade to fish electrical wires behind the wall and mount your tv safely!


Proper cable management is essential when mounting a TV. Whether you choose to hide cables behind walls or opt for alternative solutions, prioritize safety, compliance with building codes, and professional assistance if needed for a sleek and safe TV setup.


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